CLINTON – Clinton High School’s boys golf team started the year at the newly renovated Beloit Club in a match hosted by Turner.

The Cougars finished third, narrowly being edged out by Big Foot by 2 strokes. Individual scores for Clinton were:  Spencer Ostrander 44, Thad Hahn 47, Josh Wellnitz 58, DJ Waller 60, and Jaks Teubert 67.

In the J.V. match Clinton finished second to Palmyra/Eagle with a team score of 269.  Individuals were:  Colin Carlson 64, Joe Wellnitz 66, Brennan Washtock 67, Jaret Washtock 72, Camren Napper 76.

“Monday was an extremely cold night and not conducive to good golf.  Unfortunately, we are a very inexperienced team and didn’t adjust well.  Once we get outside and get in a little more work on the range we should see improvement from everyone.”

Varsity teams scores:

Palmyra/Eagle 188

Big Foot 207

Clinton 209

Turner 212

Parkview 236

Brodhead NA

J.V. team scores:

Palmyra/Eagle 210

Clinton 269

Brodhead  271

Turner  274

Parkview  274

Big Foot  NA

Thursday the Cougars hosted the RVC South at our home course of Prairie Woods. The weather was again cold, but less windy than Monday. Clinton played much better and finished a close second behind Palmyra/Eagle.

Thad Hahn led the way with a nice round of 41, followed by Spencer Ostrander at 43, Jaks Teubert at 50, DJ Waller at 53, and Josh Wellnitz at 59.

“Four out of five golfers brought their scores down from Monday. Thad started to look like his old self and was hitting the ball very well. If he could have gotten a few putts to drop that he narrowly missed he would have easily been in the 30’s.

“Spencer, our miracle player, started out with two double bogies, but then put together a really nice round the rest of the way. We are sooo thankful he is able to play. Jaks had a huge improvement by bringing his score down 17 strokes from Monday.

“He was a major factor in our move up the ladder.  DJ knocked 13 strokes of his score and was another big factor.  Josh is struggling and a little frustrated with his game right now, but he is the kind of person that will keep working on it until he gets it right and we have a lot of confidence in him.”

The JV team also dropped their score from Monday and put up a 249.  Every one of them equaled or bettered their previous score.  Colin led with a 57, followed by Joe at 60, Jaret at 65, Brennan at 67, and Camren with a 69.

“This is what we like to see out of young golfers. Continual improvement and working on their techniques are going to build these guys into solid players and we are very pleased with their progress.”

Varsity team scores:

Palmyra/Eagle 181

Clinton 187

Big Foot 199

Turner 201

Parkview 202

Brodhead NA

J.V. team scores:

Palmyra/Eagle  222

Clinton 249

Turner 256

Parkview 283

Brodhead 300

Big Foot NA