MARY HOOKHAM PHOTO The Independent-Register
Workers at Ahrens Acres of Brodhead clean early geranium blooms in a greenhouse last week. With the weather warming, it’s an ideal time to think about spring planting.

By Mary Hookham, Correspondent

For gardeners, spring is the busiest time of the year. As air and soil temperatures begin to warm up and seed catalogs arrive in mailboxes, the experts are sharing tips to make the art of gardening more efficient and enjoyable.

“Sometimes patience is the key to gardening,” said Lynn Lokken of the Green County Master Gardeners. “It helps us relax, it teaches watchfulness, it helps us slow down.  Just take deep breaths and enjoy what Mother Nature gives to us because it’s amazing.”

Preparing a high-quality soil bed is key, said Brodhead Community Gardens Coordinator Tiff Bates. Tilling provides loose soil for plant roots to dig in, and enriching the soil helps give plants the nutrients they need during the growing season. The city of Brodhead sells compost by the load.

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